How Executive Search Firms Work

Have you ever been approached by a company or organisation you have never heard of before about a job that you didn’t know actually existed? Did you find it strange? Maybe you wondered how these executive search firms work and how they look for and identify workers.

One thing you need to understand is that finding top talent isn’t easy and corporations hire executive search firms to assist them to recruit. These are executive search consultants who specialize in the recruitment services. They can find the best candidates for senior, executive as well as other highly specialised position for a company. Lots of companies, organisations, firms and businesses make use of these experts to find candidates that may not be immediately identifiable in the market. The essence of it is to avoid the expenses of a bad hire.

How do Executive Search Consultants Find Top-Level Talent?

These executive search agents utilise a combination of in-depth knowledge of the industry and a range of personal contacts in the same industry to find favourable candidates. At times they conduct detailed interviews before selectively presenting candidates to their clients.

These employee search experts also assist their clients to draft accurate and enticing job descriptions as a way of attracting a pool of qualified candidates.

You might call executive search agents recruiters and how they work is determined by their relationship with the client they are working for. Firms and organisations may use the executive search consultants on a contingent or retained basis. Contingent recruiters are paid after successfully completing the search while retained ones are paid for the process.

For contingent recruiters to find clients executives, they heavily rely on their contacts. This is the reason many organisations use a couple of contingent recruiters at the same time to increase the number of CVs they receive.

There are those clients who have developed a stronger more long-term business relationship with recruiters. They use these retained recruiters for senior level roles.

Executive search firms, unlike most corporate companies, have internal resources, network and of course, their evaluative skill as recruitment agents. Sometimes companies use these experts to source employees for various roles from competitors, obviously indirectly. This helps companies to find candidates they might not have been able to find.

There you have it. An idea of how executive search firms work. This sheds light on how experts and top talents are found in the market. If you are one of those people who has been approached by companies about certain jobs and wondered how they found you, you now know how they did it.  You could also be looking to hire experts. These professional recruiters are the ideal to use for such a task. They specialize in recruiting and they’ll recruit the best personnel among candidates.